Kingdom Therapeutics Joins UK Cannabinoid Research & Development Group (CRDG)

Kingdom Therapeutics announces its role as a founding member of the Cannabinoid Research & Development Group UK (CRDG), a strategic initiative to establish the UK as a global leader in cannabinoid science.

Kingdom Therapeutics, the early-stage pharmaceutical company undertaking groundbreaking research on the link between the gut, the brain, and the endocannabinoid system, initially with a focus on ASD, is proud to announce its participation as a founding member of the Cannabinoid Research & Development Group UK (CRDG). This innovative task force, spearheaded by George Freeman MP and Kingdom board member Professor Trevor Jones, aims to solidify the UK’s position as a global leader in cannabinoid science and pharmaceutical development.

The CRDG stands at the heart of the life sciences sector, driven by a coalition of academics, researchers, clinicians, patients, and industry leaders. The group’s primary mission is to advance scientific research and the development of pharmaceutical cannabinoid-related products within the UK. By leveraging the nation’s strengths in research and healthcare, CRDG aims to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to transform the UK into a global leader in cannabinoid research and medicine development.

George Freeman, MP, highlighted the importance of this initiative, stating, “The UK has the potential to lead the world in cannabinoid research and medicine development. Our goal with CRDG is to build a framework that supports sustainable growth and groundbreaking discoveries in this vital field.”

The CRDG’s ambitious vision involves creating a robust and integrated ecosystem. By aligning universities, research institutions, investors, businesses, and the NHS, the group aims to foster innovation, nurture top talent, and drive significant advances in healthcare. This collaborative effort is designed to stimulate a dynamic environment where scientific breakthroughs and medical innovations can thrive, offering a promising future for cannabinoid research and medicine development.

The CRDG will produce the UK’s first comprehensive strategy for cannabinoid research and development, addressing a significant gap that has existed since cannabis was rescheduled for medical use in 2018. The group plans to consult on its strategy in the coming months and present its first strategy paper to the government in July, a crucial step towards advancing cannabinoid research and medicine development in the UK.

At present, there are only three prescribed cannabis-based medicines in the UK, with the majority of cannabis-based products for medical use being unlicensed and administered by private-sector clinics. The CRDG’s focus on advancing research and clinical trials aims to enhance the development of approved cannabinoid medicines and their integration into the NHS.

Professor Trevor Jones emphasised the necessity of well-designed, randomised controlled trials to establish the efficacy and safety of cannabinoid medicines, saying, “The CRDG will focus on creating an environment conducive to advanced clinical trials and scientific research within the UK.” Professor Jones said about Kingdom Therapeutics, “This is a great initiative for businesses like Kingdom, undertaking hugely complex science at the forefront of much-needed groundbreaking research.”

Kingdom Therapeutics is excited to contribute to this pioneering task force, bringing its expertise and commitment to advancing cannabinoid science. As a founding member, the company will play a crucial role in shaping the future of cannabinoid research, driving forward innovative treatments and therapies that could revolutionise patient care.

The launch of CRDG marks a significant milestone in making the UK a hub of excellence in cannabinoid science. With a strong focus on collaboration and innovation, the CRDG’s mission is to drive significant advancements in cannabinoid research and development.

For more information about the CRDG launch, please view the CRDG press release here.


Kingdom Therapeutics remains dedicated to pioneering advancements in cannabinoid science and is excited to be at the forefront of this groundbreaking initiative. The company looks forward to the collaborative efforts within the CRDG framework and the transformative impact this initiative will have on the global stage.