Leadership Team.

Headshot of Liz Shanahan, Co-Founder and CEO at Kingdom Therapeutics Ltd

Liz Shanahan

Co-Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur with in-depth experience in the pharmaceutical industry as well as public and private healthcare systems in the USA and Europe, previously a Director of Chelsea & Westminster hospital (NHS).
Headshot of Dr. David Howat, Chief Scientific Officer at Kingdom Therapeutics Ltd

David Howat

Chief Scientific Officer

Experienced scientific leader with 28 years of pharmaceutical industry experience with both embryonic and established organisations, bringing multiple products to the market.

Dr. Malcolm Barrett Johnson

Co-Founder & Medical Director

A clinician and pharmaceutical physician with over 24 years medical and regulatory experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and the MHRA.
Headshot of, Dr. Andrew Yates, Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor at Kingdom Therapeutics Ltd

Dr. Andrew Yates

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

Dr Yates is a pharmacist with a PhD in the medicinal chemistry of cannabinoids as well as 15 years pharmaceutical industry expertise.
Headshot of Dr. Kathleen Fadden, Co-Founder & Head of Legal & Compliance at Kingdom Therapeutics Ltd

Dr. Kathleen Fadden

Co-Founder, Head of Legal & Compliance

General counsel, with a strong scientific background, who has over 30 years of experience advising the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.
Headshot of Chris Campbell, Co-Founder, Head of Brand & Marketing at Kingdom Therapeutics Ltd

Chris Campbell

Co-Founder, Head of Brand & Marketing

Chris is a creative expert with over ten years of consultancy experience delivering visual communications and strategic marketing support alongside brand creation and enhancement.